6 Week Programme 
Beach Meditation

It’s no surprise so many companies are turning to meditation given the staggering financial impact that stress, absences and poor mental health can have on business. According to the American Institute of Stress, companies experience as much as $300 billion in lost productivity annually, almost $200 billion in stress-related-illness expenses, and one million workers being absent every day.


Think your company might benefit from integrating meditation and energy balance training for employees? see below for details.

In this 6 week programme we will be exploring energy balance, the practices of Zen Meditation, techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, worry and fear, getting us out of our "crazy monkey mind" of thoughts.


Bringing us mental clarity, peace, relaxation and calming energy. Helping to raise self-confidence, personal drive, motivation and productivity.

I will be teaching your staff meditation practices, sharing techniques and how positive affirmations and gratitude can help you EVERY DAY! 

Energy Re-balance & Meditation 

If you work for an organisation / company / place of work that would benefit from a 6 week energy and meditation programme for staff well-being then simply forward this webpage to your management team!

Do you want your staff to be more productive? Do you care about their mental well-being?


Did you know that practising meditation and energy balance has many positive effects on a persons well-being:

  • lowers stress levels 

  • improves regulation of emotions 

  • heightens self-awareness

  • greater ability to deal effectively with problems/issues

  • provides better focus and helps regulate attention 

  • lowers blood pressure 

  • reduces anxiety

  • increases compassion 

  • enhances creativity 

  • elevates the mood! 

    not only in their personal lives but in their work lives too! 

It has even been shown to reduce sickness! 

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Week 1

In week 1 we will be looking at understanding the body as an energy system and to heal the body using energy routine techniques, to give you a boost and bring joy and vitality. 


We will be looking into what meditation is and how to practice Zen meditation to calm the mind. Training you to be able to use these techniques during work and home. 

Meditation trains the mind to “not dwell in the past or contemplate about the future.” It lets the mind settle in the ‘now’ and allows us to see the beauty of being in the present moment. It teaches the brain to be more focused and improve concentration on the present moment and settle our "crazy monkey minds" down. It can also help to lower cortisol "stress hormone" levels and boost employees' decision-making skills.



You will then be taken on a beautiful guided meditation to your own secret garden, full of wonder and joy, helping you to release any worries, anxieties and fears and turning them into positive emotions.

Writing by the Water
Week 2

In week 2 we will be looking into Positive Affirmations, how these can help you every day from the moment you wake up. Write your own affirmation and also learn about and write your own gratitude list.


  • Helping you to have a positive mindset,

  • Be more productive

  • Raise your confidence before presentations or important meetings.

  • Control negative feelings such as frustration, anger, or impatience.

  • Improve your self-esteem.

  • Finish projects you've started.

  • Overcome a bad habit.

  • Have a new zest for life! 


We will also be recapping our Zen meditation and I will guide you through a great positive affirmation meditation, filling you with a positive mindset for the day ahead.

Week 3

In week 3 we will be practising our energy balance work, giving you a boost of energy and zest for the day, re-balancing the whole energy field to de-stress.

Zen breathing meditation will be included, helping to calm the mind and bring us more clarity and focus.


Quick and easy techniques will be taught for you to use to help you when you are feeling worried / anxious / stressed. 

Followed by a wonderful guided meditation to bring positive energy. 

Week 4

In week 4  we delve into CHAKRAs, what chakra's are, how they need to be balanced and how to actually balance them! 

When your Chakra centres are out of balance, that can be from negative energy that weakens our energy field, these vortex energy centres can become blocked. These blockages of energy can then manifest symptoms of discomfort in these areas and can lead to ill health, headaches, anxiety, stress and pain in the physical body.

Learn methods to restore positive balance around your energy field. 

Followed by a chakra balance meditation to re-align your whole energy field, become centred and focused. 

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Week 5

In week 5 we are talking about "grounding" and will learn techniques to ground ourselves into the present.  

When we feel disconnected, un- grounded, flighty, a bit lost and not centred, grounding yourself can help you feel calm, peaceful and centered, having a connection back, connect to earth and back to centred awareness. 

Grounding can help improve sleep and help to reduce your cortisol "stress" hormone.

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Week 6

In week 6 we complete the course with some energy balance work, Zen meditation, Voo Chanting and to finish with a beautiful visualisation meditation to bring peace, wellness and joy. 

To book this 6 week programme, simply get in touch to discuss: 

Phone - 07792748816

e-mail - spiritualdreamscrystals@gmail.com


This package is available as a live online Zoom class and can be tailored to work around you; sessions are usually offered as once or twice a week over the course of the 6 sessions.


You can have up to 100 guests take part in each session!! 

The price for this 6 week programme is just £115 (inclusive of VAT)!!


It can also be offered face to face, please message to discuss this and costs for this option.