Meditation Challenge

Join me now for my Meditation14 Commitment. 


Bringing you 14 days (with an extra 2 weeks FREE) of meditation, getting you into the swing of your meditation practice, enhancing your well-being and brining you into a calmer state.


Discover the amazing benefits meditation has to offer your life.  

Register below for the Meditation14 Commitment and get 14 daily meditations, learning you how to meditate, with various techniques and practices....  PLUS an extra 2 weeks FREE to listen, that's
28 days worth of meditation

  • Starting on day 1 you will have access to the first meditation. Each day a new meditation will be released with different meditation styles from Zen breathing meditations to visualisations, to techniques, and bringing you positive energy. Each step has guidance learning notes on what the meditation is and what meditation position to use. Bringing you knowledge and understanding of each meditation practice. 


  • All I ask is you set 15-20 minutes per day for your "me time," this is your time out, your body and minds time out, and this is you setting your commitment to this meditation challenge.


  • Listen at a time suitable to you that fits in with your lifestyle, whether that be first thing in the morning, your lunch break or before you go to bed.


  • If you want to use crystals, if you have them, you can do so by placing them on you or around you to enhance your meditation practice. If you don't have any, don't worry, they aren't essential. If you wish to purchase any please visit my shop page.


  • After the 14 days, ALL meditations will be available for a further 2 weeks for you to listen to and continue your practice.  

Are you ready????

Register below, and good luck my friend. Please share you experience with others and let me know how you are getting on! 

"Hi, thank you so much for offering the Meditation 14 programme, I am thoroughly enjoying your meditations. You have such a calming voice. I am aiming to do one per day but sometimes struggle. But when I do them I feel so much better in myself, I can easily shift into a meditate state with your meditations. Just wanted to say thank you."


"Hi Sheryl, Really enjoying these meditation sessions so pleased I signed up. These are perfect to wind down at the end of the day and you voice is so relaxing.  Thank you for doing these. Thanks Emma."