Crystal & Sound Healing and
Indian Head Massage 



During a crystal healing session i work on your 7 chakra energy centres to balance the energy and also re-align your whole energy field so life force energy is flowing as it should. I use crystals and healing energy. You become balanced, giving you renewed energy and healing and you are able to deal effectively with whatever comes your way.


Sessions are very calming and peaceful, bringing your mind, body and spirit back into balance and restoring your body’s natural energy rhythm.


Chakra balance guided meditation is included to help realign your chakras and help you deepen into relaxation.

Crystal and Sound Healing, Healing Room

We are all made up of energy; us humans, animals, plants, trees, everything is made up of energy and we all vibrate at different frequencies.

So when we are feeling down, drained, stressed, depressed, have a lot going on in our minds, sluggish, we vibrate at a LOW frequency.

However.... when we are more joyful, happy, full of life, have a spring in our step, can deal with things effectively, we have HIGH vibrational energy....

Now then this is where crystals come in to play! Crystals have high vibrational frequencies, so when you hold a crystal and it comes into your energy field you start vibrating at the higher frequency.



Crystals can help to unblock all of those negative energies that have built up in our energy field.

Crystals have frequencies that match those of your 7 major energy centres to help restore them. These chakras, when blocked, can start to manifest symptoms such as; stress, tension, anxiety, headaches, lack of self esteem and self confidence, feeling sluggish, not feeling grounded, not being able to communicate, not being compassionate, unable to build relationships, pain and discomfort.

During your session a crystal dowsing pendulum will be used to locate energy blockages around your energy field and to check the state of each chakra energy centre, this will give indication on where to place the crystals and areas that need working on. 


A crystal 'wand' (Pointed wand shape crystal) will be used to aid negative energies to be released from the body and to harmonise positive energies back into the body.

Each crystal has different energies, properties and vibrational frequency, which can help to realign our energy.

The treatment works mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, giving the therapy session a holistic approach.



All treatments are carried out in a calming, relaxing spiritual room, with incense to promote calm and peace.
Clients remain fully clothed. A short consultation will take place before your session. 

Benefits of a crystal healing session


Bringing relief from aches and pains, bringing more energy and restful sleep.


Can bring relief from stress & anxiety. Bring calmness, clarity and more focus and grounding.


Can release emotions and give a sense of well being and balance.


Can make you feel more connected and grounded. Helping to create acceptance of, and harmony with, all aspects of being, leading to a more peaceful and centred life.


Sound healing Spiritual Dreams Crystals


The human body is made up of vibrational energy, when we become unbalanced our vibration becomes out of tune.  Atoms in the body vibrate at certain speeds, and should vibrate with ease, when we have imbalances this can cause us dis-ease within the body. Sound healing, which is an ancient healing technique that uses tonal frequencies to bring the body into a state of vibrational balance and harmony.

During this session I use Tingsha’s, Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks (in particular the OM universal sound at 136.10 Hz) to restore the natural energy vibration within and around the body.  The vibrations can produce beneficial changes in the body by reducing ​stress, harmonising cells, and balancing the body's energy system. 


Other instruments may also be used.

This 50 minute treatment is a very calming relaxing
session, bringing balance and restoring your
energy. Meditation is included.

Indian Head Massage is a massage therapy working with:
The head and Scalp
Upper back

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

The benefits of Indian Head Massage:

¨ Releases endorphins, relaxing the body and mind bringing peace and calmness

¨ Soothes nerve endings which eases stress and strain

¨ Restores energy flow around the body and stimulates nerve endings, which revitalises the body and mind

¨ Boosts circulation/oxygen to the brain, which helps to improve alertness, concentration and productivity

¨ Boosts the immune system by detoxifying, eases fluid retention, improves general health and well-being

¨ Relieves minor conditions - helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression,  eyestrain, headaches, insomnia, sinusitis.

Treatment Sessions and Prices​











Crystal Healing - £24

50 minute crystal healing session to balance the energy field, promoting peace & calm, aligning the chakra energy centres. 
Meditation included.

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Crystal Healing & Indian Head Massage Combined - £29

1 hour session, half Indian Head Massage PLUS half Crystal Healing. Meditation included. 

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Sound Healing - £24

50 minute sound healing treatment, to rebalance the energy within and around the body using Tingsha's, singing bowls, tuning forks and sound healing. 
Meditation included.

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Indian Head Massage - £26

45 minute Indian Head Massage is a relaxing massage focusing on the back, shoulders, neck, head and face.


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Add 15 minute
Sound Healing 
to any session
15minutes / £4

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I had a Indian head massage and crystal healing at Spiritual Dreams, and they were both amazing! Friendly professional service and a gorgeous treatment room. I felt so relaxed afterwards and I’ll definitely be back!


Had an excellent Indian Head Massage and crystal healing session today! left feeling amazing, more confident, driven and most importantly more awake and focused. 100% recommend.


Just had an amazing crystal healing session. Feel so relaxed! Will be back again soon! Thankyou


I had my first session with Sheryl this morning and WOW it was amazing. I have never experienced anything like this before and was totally blown away by the feelings I experienced during the session. I was totally unprepared for how I felt. I have my next session already booked in