In person, here at Spiritual Dreams Crystals


Group Meditation Sessions
here at Spiritual Dreams Crystals. 

Next session: Tuesday 23 August 2022 6:30pm
1 hour

Venue - Spiritual Dreams Crystals, Sherburn Hill DH6 1QP

Group will run 4 weekly

What to expect:

Here at Spiritual Dreams Crystals, I am home based, I have a beautiful relaxing spiritual room where I offer my healing sessions. During the Meditation Group it will be transformed into a meditation space with cushions, throws, soft lighting, candles and incense to create a sacred mindful space.  

There are a maximum of 7 places available, this will be a nice intimate group.

During the group meditation we will be doing Qigong energy flow, followed by Zen breathing meditation and also a visualisation meditation.  Each group session will look at different meditation practices and strategies that we can use to allow our meditative practise to deepen and enjoying the benefits of meditating as a group collectiveness, leveraging the power of meditating together in the same session.


Example of activities we will cover: 

  • Energy flow; Qigong

  • Zen - mindful breathing 

  • Chakra Balance 

  • Sound healing - using singing bowls and tingshas 

  • Mantras and chants 

  • Visualisation meditations - nature, feeling safe, releasing, waterfall of light 

  • During the full or new moon we will look at working with those aspects 

  • Writing new/full moon wishes and releasing 

  • Creating gratitude lists 

After the session you are welcome to browse the Spiritual Dreams Crystals shop (cash or card payments available).