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Hold your own private workshop with Spiritual Dreams Crystals
~live on Zoom~

What you need to know: 
  • Each workshop is approx 1 hour 
  • Choose which workshop you'd like
  • All workshops include guided meditation 
  • Invite all your friends - max x100 guests! (minimum x4) 
  • £4 per person / £10 for Crystal Healing Workshop
  • Choose your own date and time 
Step 1 
Choose your workshop 
Step 2 
Choose a suitable date and time 
Step 3 
Invite all your friends 
Step 4 
Send your fee in and receive your Zoom ID and Password for the workshop
Step 5 
Log onto Zoom at your specified date/time ready to learn and meditate

Workshop Overview: 

Chakra Re-Balance Workshop - 1 hour
This workshop will give you an insight into what on earth CHAKRA's are!! You will learn and gain an understanding of your chakra energy system and how you can re-balance your chakra's. You will learn how each one controls you physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. How to re-balance your energy to stop manifesting symptoms of discomfort which can lead to ill health, headaches, anxiety and stress in the physical body.My own guided chakra re-balance meditation will be offered as part of the workshop.
Meditation and Energy Re-Balance Session - 1 hour
  • energy re-balance exercise routine
  • zen meditation
  • visualisation secret garden meditation

I will take you to your own beautiful secret garden of peace and serenity, where you will escape and bask in the glory of this special place, open the gates to this wonderful place and feel the deep relaxation and emotional wellness it brings.

Take this 1 hour time out your body and mind deserve, the relaxation can lower blood pressure and reduce other problems related to stress and anxiety.
Positive Affirmation Workshop - 1 hour 
In this workshop we will look at positive affirmations, get your creative, inspiring hat on to create your own affirmations and gratitude lists. Looking into the Law of Attraction and bringing these positive affirmations into fruition, jumping into the stream of well-being to manifest our desires. You will also get to participate in positive affirmation guided meditation. 
Crystal Healing Workshop - 1.5 hours
Do you want to learn more about crystals? The energy of crystals? What crystals are? And how they can benefit your life? This is a jam packed 1.5 hour workshop that will give you all the knowledge you need to understand crystals, their vibrational energy, cleansing and using crystals and all about crystal healing. 

You will each receive 1 crystal to use during the workshop and also participate in a crystal meditation session.

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