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Meditation & Energy Balance Classes 

With Spiritual Dreams Crystals

In-Person Group Sessions here at Spiritual Dreams Crystals

Bringing you 1 hour of
"Me Time"

In our world today we have so much to deal with on a daily basis, from stresses at work, relationships with partners, family, friends, colleagues, trying to juggle family life & work life, remembering everything you need to do; what shall I make for tea? have I remembered to do X, Y and Z, what day do the bins go out? are the children OK? getting them up and to school on time, their homework complete, have we ate our 5 a day? did I remember to renew the gas/electric/water/car/home insurance, did I pay that bill? am I socialising enough? did I wish X a happy birthday? did I do that report for work? Am I doing enough for me? .....  the list is pretty much endless as we continue to try to keep everything afloat! 

Meditation has SO MANY benefits and can help to greatly improve your life from your overall wellbeing to helping you have more focus and clarity of the mind. 


When we are wrapped up in everything we have to do each day our mind becomes 'boggled' at times and we can't think straight, do you ever say that? "I have so much going on I can't think straight".  Once you start meditating, enjoying the relaxation it brings, finding that inner peace, the balance, letting the crazy monkey mind of thoughts settle down, you begin to understand when your body needs to just stop, drop and meditate! You emerge from your meditation practice with more clarity, being able to think clearly and with more focus, enabling you to see your day clearer and be able to deal effectively with anything that comes your way. 

Not only is it proven to reduce cortisol levels (your stress hormone), it can improve other aspects of stress and anxiety and give you the tools to help you in your times of need, lowering blood pressure and can also help with insomnia. On an emotional level meditation can help to balance your emotions, balance your energy, bringing a clearer focussed mindset and help to improve your relationships

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In-Person Meditation Group 

Meditation Group

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Take this 1 hour time out your body and mind deserve

Classes start with energy re-balance exercises which we use to balance our energy field, bringing joy, vitality and allowing the energy to flow as it should, giving us a boost and nurturing your internal energy. When you combine a physical practice with an energetic practice, your results from both will deepen.

Followed by Zen meditation to tame our 'crazy monkey minds', giving our minds and body the time out they need, allowing the mind to settle to achieve mental clarity, bringing us into a calm state and inner peace where our cortisol levels (stress hormones) drop. 

Each session also includes a 
visualisation meditation which can be anything from; chakra balance, positive energy, secret garden where we burry our worries, forest meditation, letting go of negativity, emotional balance, heart chakra, moon meditations, mantras, gratitude, positive affirmations and more! 

All meditations are live and guided by me.
Class is suitable for beginners all the way up to experienced, so even if you have never tried meditation and have no idea where to start, this class is for you.


I look forward to seeing and teaching you!!

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“I have recently signed up to the online mediations too and i'm absolutely loving them, especially the positive energy one. I look forward to my Sunday morning me time to meditate, Highly recommend.”

You can join per session £4