Chakra Workshop
& Meditation


Tuesday 10 August 2021

This is a 1 hour workshop by me, Sheryl, right here VIRTUALLY, Live on Zoom
from Spiritual Dreams Crystals.


This workshop will give you an insight into 'what on Earth' CHAKRA's are and how to work with them.

  • You will learn and gain an understanding of your chakra energy system and how you can re-balance your chakra's

  • You will learn how each one controls you physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. How to re-balance your energy to stop manifesting symptoms of discomfort which can lead to ill health, anxiety, stress and pain in the physical body.


  • My guided chakra re-balance meditation will be offered as part of the workshop. Time for some "me time" and relaxation, let's get those chakra energy centres balanced!!

Using crystals isn't essential for this workshop, however, for those who have them please get them ready for the meditation!!
If you don't have a chakra crystal set and would like one, you are welcome to order a set here or pick a set up from Spiritual Dreams Crystals

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